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Shenzhen Intefly Electronics Co., Ltd.

Highly specialized manufacturer of solar LED street lighting systems

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    2nd Floor, 4th Building, Baoshu Technology Industrial Park, Baotian Industrial Area, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Shenzhen Intefly Electronics Co., Ltd. is a highly specialized manufacturer of solar LED street lighting systems including integrated solar street lights, solar garden lights and intelligent solar street lighting systems. Established in 2005, Intefly is a leader in the design and manufacture of value-added, eco-friendly and ultra-reliable solar lighting solutions that will make a lasting impression on its partners' brands and businesses. Intefly's patented, high-performance, low-maintenance solar lighting systems have become a benchmark for its unparalleled commitment to continuous innovation, performance engineering and quality products which are always delivered on time and within budget.

Featuring superior performance, uncompromised reliability, low maintenance and easy installation, Intefly delivers truly green lighting through dedication to LED lighting and solar power technology. Intefly's all-in-one solar LED street lights integrates high efficiency solar panels, wide temperature tolerance lithium batteries, intelligent power management systems, precision-molded proprietary acrylic lenses and high-efficacy LEDs into a low-profile, streamlined design. The sleek design offers a modern and aesthetically pleasing look that is sure to complement any installation environment. Intefly solar lighting systems come equipped with PIR motion sensors, photocells, timers that enable the built-in intelligence for adjusting the lights to local conditions to accommodate times of various levels of ambient light or pedestrian activity for maximum energy efficiency.

Intefly designs, engineers and manufactures its highly focused portfolio of products in its ISO9001:2000 compliant facilities. The company's high-performing workforce of more than 200 people have a long-running expertise in the whole value chain that starts from design to delivery. With unwavering focus on solar LED lighting and the commitment to quality and service no matter where you are located, Intefly empowers you to create cost-effective and competitive lighting solutions with an ongoing flow of product innovation and value creation.
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